Game Changer in Water Treatment,

Energy Savings,

and Environmental Protection

Industry Challenges

The climate change caused by human activity
may have disastrous consequences for our planet.

Energy is the backbone of the global economy.

Fuels and energy are consumed in the generation
of electricity, heating and cooling,

as well as in industrial production processes.

The manner in which energy is generated
and utilized has a profound impact

on the quality of the environment,
and on the health and safety of the population.

Technology Solution

Liquid enhancing technology,
that treats water and gaseous media

on supramolecular level,
physical way without use of chemicals.

Business Solution

The technology can be applied
to various industrial and environmental projects:

non-chemical water treatment,
power, heating and cooling plants,

chemical and petro industry,

food and textile production,

energy effectivity of social and public building,

non-chemical agriculture,

lake or river way remediation,

alge and mussels elimination,

and artificial ice and snow production,

hydrogen on demand, mining.

Strategically dominant business model
at Blue Boson is the
Guaranty Savings Service / ESCO formula.
Step by step: Status Analysis, Specifications
and Solution, Contract, Measurement Concept,
Project Proposal, Technical Documentation,
Installation, Commissioning,
which results in Invoicing and Profit Sharing.

The basic business models
of the company

include GGS, ESCO formula,
sale and lease of the technology.

The ESCO model involves free
or partially-free installation
within the customer’s system

(including the installation costs,
measurement design and maintenance)

where savings from reduced costs
are subsequently shared with the customer

according to an agreed formula.

Cost reduction and benefits are evaluated
by an independent auditor at several levels:

chemical treatment of water,
consumption of chemicals, degassing,

electricity consumption, boiler efficiency,
fuel consumption, condensation,

evaporation, system losses,
cooling tower efficiency, heat exchange, etc.

Customer have two options: either reduce costs
in the system or increase its capacity.

Both benefits are measurable.

The application aims at achieving a measurable
positive effect in the form of savings

across individual components
of the customer's system
in a total amount up to 25%

of the costs of the generation of electricity
and/or heat, or of heat distribution.

This is measured by independent auditors
jointly chosen by the customer

and the Blue Boson company.

Only the measurable positive effects confirmed
by the protocols from customers

and technology institutes, are considered
in final savings calculations.

The positive effects in the system occur
over time and are assessed

based on a measurement project
agreed in advance.

We serve two major customer segments
with specific revenue models:

Energy sector (power plants, heating houses)

10 years+ ESCO contract,
sharing of their cost savings 50/50,
no CAPEX, no OPEX.

0.5% of GDP just in EU is lost
just due to fouling in system,

it’s about €100 billion annually.

Drinking/technological water
(removal of incrust and biological sediments)

10 years+ ESCO contract,
sale or monthly rent payment,
no CAPEX, no OPEX.

100% savings on chemicals used
in water cooling treatment in the EU

represents almost €4 billion annually.


Blue Boson technology will revolutionize
many conventional methods of treating fluids,

specifically by replacing chemical processes
with physical processes.

It is applicable mostly in water treatment,
energy and heat production and distribution,

and in fuel effectiveness,
but many more applications are possible.

Other Applications

Water Treatment

modification of the the supramolecular structure

of water without use of chemicals,

While altering its physical and chemical parameters
  • creates a long term sustainable state of
    symbiosis with nature
  • incrusts are permanently removed
    by altering the size
    of water molecule clusters
  • enhancing the fluidity
    of water into pores and structures
     of the incrustation
    which subsequently
    break and dissolve into water
  • weakening the hydrogen bonds
    between water molecules
  • prevents the formation
    of crystals that lead to incrustation

Power, Heating

and Cooling Plants Efficiency

  • lower operational cost & maintenance
  • permanent removal
    of incrustation and sediments
  • 100% savings on chemical agents
    (antiscalants, dispergrators, biocides)
  • electricity savings on circulation pumps
    due to increased fluidity
  • reduced evaporation heat
    and higher heat capacity
  • reducing or elimination
    of chemical native elements

Industrial Production

  • strengthening of the coagulation
    and sedimentation processes
  • lower operational cost & maintenance
  • permanent removal
    of incrustation and sediments
  • 100% savings on chemical agents
    dispergrators, biocides)
    in heat and cooling circuits
  • electricity savings on circulation pumps
    due to increased fluidity
  • reduced evaporation heat
    and higher heat capacity
  • reduction or elimination
    of chemical native elements
  • improved BOD and COD parameters
  • elimination of gases and odour

Fuel Efficiency

  • fuel savings
  • less exhaust emissions
  • benefits combustion by maintaining
    a constant feed at the burner inlet
  • guaranteeing an optimal fuel consumption
    by facilitating the explosion of the molecule

Public Building
Energy Effectivity

  • lower operational cost & maintenance
    of heating and cooling systems
  • permanent removal of incrustation
    and sediments from heating
    and cooling systems

Laundromats and
Dry Cleaning

  • up to 50% less detergents
  • decrease of water usage
  • savings on electricity costs
  • increase of technology life cycle
  • savings on heat and steam production

Alge and Mussels Elimination

  • Quagga and Zebra Mussels
    and accompanying algae blooms
    are an aquatic, quickly growing invasive species,
  • disinfection process can be executed

    by utilizing frequency, filtration and air.

Lakes and Rivers Remediation

  • return of water biodiversity
    to lakes and rivers
  • reduction or elimination
    of chemical elements not needed
  • increase of water clarity and purity
  • improvement in BOD and COD parameters
  • reduce need of medicaments in ponds
  • oxygenation of lakes and ponds
  • algae control

Ice Stadiums

  • double digit savings on energy costs
  • cold water instead of hot water to Zamboni
  • higher ice quality, faster freezing time
  • savings on ice surface cooling
  • savings on ice rink hall cooling/heating
  • permanent incrust/fouling
    removal in circuits

Snow Making

  • snow production at -2C
    (benchmark is -4C)
  • less water usage
    for same amount of snow
  • better snow quality for skiing
  • extending the resorts’ season
  • possibility of skiing at lower altitudes
  • competitive advantage over others



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